Honors College

The Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College

The Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College is a prestigious college within Claflin University that offers a stimulating, academically rigorous learning environment for high-achieving continuing students and for first-year students who arrive at Claflin clearly prepared for success in their college-level work. The Honors College enables Claflin to confer special recognition upon this group of exceptional students who consistently stand out among their peers because of their academic excellence, demonstrated leadership and service to the community.

In case you're wondering, Alice Carson Tisdale is the wife of Dr. Henry N. Tisdale, Claflin's eighth and current president. Under Mrs. Tisdale's direction, the Honors College has been enhanced and expanded to reflect Claflin's ongoing commitment to cultivating academically outstanding students.

What do honors students do?

Courses for honors students are characterized by accelerated instruction, consistently demanding academic material and frequent writing assignments. The faculty members who teach honors courses encourage class participation, creativity and reflective thinking.

Honors students also take part in special leadership seminars, both on campus and beyond. A special laboratory reserved for honors students provides facilities for study as well as space to conduct seminars and hold informal meetings. Female honors students live together in Kleist Hall and Student Residential Center East. Male honors students live in the Student Residential Center South.

Eligibility requirements

To receive an invitation to join the Honors College as an incoming freshman, students should have a high-school grade-point average of at least 3.3 (unweighted) and achieve a minimum score of 1100 on the SAT (or 24 on the ACT), in addition to having exhibited leadership skills and leadership potential in high school. Continuing students are admitted to the Honors College on the basis of their academic performance at Claflin.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors in the Honors College must maintain a minimum grade-point average of 3.3. Honors students are expected to participate in one or more campus clubs and organizations, demonstrate ongoing leadership skills, and give back to the community by performing at least 50 hours of community service each year.