Freshman College

First year Experience

The Freshman College is a first year experience program that includes a variety of selected activities specifically designed for students transitioning from high school to Claflin University. It is a mixture of mandatory courses, assembly and lyceum events, and dynamic mentoring sessions. The TFC program is designed to serve the University’s overacrching mission of developing visionary leaders of strong moral fiber through a  curriculum that is academically rigorous and emphasizes social and cultural development as well as personal and civic responsibility.

Orientation Class

Education 101 and 102 (EDUC) courses help provide the first year Claflin University student with knowledge about the University. Students are given an overview of the University’s history, purpose, guiding principles, organizations, policies, and procedures. The courses also provide students with information concerning

  • The significance of this new experience;
  •  The value of education and career choice;
  • The importance of getting off to a good start and remain on track;
  • The vast opportunities available through the University; and
  • The requirements necessary for success during the college years and beyond.

Student Leaders

Student leaders are upperclassman with good character and morals. Each student leader is screened  and interviewed by a committee. TFC assigns student leaders to small groups of freshmen to help build meaningful bonds. The student leaders assist the incoming freshman in utilizing all information and resources that are available to them.