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Technology Planning Committee Appointed

by Joey Brenn | Oct 11, 2013
A new committee has been appointed called, "The Long Range Technology Planning Committee".  This committee has been tasked with exercising oversight over institutional technology planning and  assessment and monitoring implementation, revisions and extension of the Long Range Technology Plan.  The following individuals have been appointed to this committee:

Mr. Joey Brenn, Chair, Dr. Lionell W. Sabb, Mr. Abu Khan, Dr. Kuhanandha Mahalingam, Dr. Isaiah R. McGee, Ms. Marilyn Y. Gibbs, Mr. Jaquez O. Gilliard, Mr. Muhammad I. Hossain, Dr. Nan Li, Dr. Nicholas Panasik, Mr. Marvin R. McClean, Mrs. Tamika N. Bowman-Williams, Mr. Eric B. Morris, Ms. Princess K. Brown

Together, this committee will be planning technology over the next five years with the plan being reviewed and adjusted annually.  The resulting plan will then be adopted by the Long Range Planning Committee who will then include it as part of their plan for the university.

If you want to have a say to the committee, then please see one of the individuals above and they will bring it before the committee for consideration and inclusion within the technology plan.  To encourage participation and questions, can send an email to

We look foreword to your comments and suggestions as this committee plans technology moves into the future.


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