Dr. Eunjoo Yi


As an Assistant Professor of Management, Dr. Eunjoo Yi sees her role as providing students with a window into the real world and sparking their intellectual curiosity in the application of managerial theories to diverse business phenomena. She intends to utilize her teaching skills and resources to empower students to build a pathway to successful long-term career goals and life-long learning.

 Based on her diverse academic background and work experiences, she enjoys providing mentorship to students for their career settings and academic development.  


  • B.A. in Mass Communication from Korea University
  • M.S. in International Business from Korea University
  • M.S. in Statistics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • PhD in Strategic management from University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As)

Strategic Alliance

Behavioral strategy

Communication theories

International contexts


Before starting PhD program, Dr. Yi worked as program producer of CJ Homeshopping in South Korea.  She produced many commercial TV programs and company PR materials, and participated in Project Team for establishing Dongfang-CJ Homeshopping in Shanghai, China. 

Dr. Eunjoo Yi
Assistant Professor of Management
  • School of Business