​Ms. Judy (Scorpio) Welch

Welch mainly uses “Flipped Learning” strategies in the classroom to increase student involvement and participation using cloud based software.


Ms. Scorpio J. Welch believes that principles of intellectual integrity and academic veracity should be a compass to guide students and professors in the classroom. A pledge to academia requires true engagement with literature, theories, and constantly pursuing new ideas to shape a global understanding of the world. Scorpio earned her bachelor's degree in English, her master's degree in English Education from Nova Southeastern University, and is ABD in her Ed.D. program in Organizational Leadership.

Welch believes that flipped learning methods in English courses and other fundamental subjects using innovative free cloud based software such as Socrative, web articles and media as well as Writing Commons and Poll Everywhere help students of all modalities learn better. Using cloud based tools under the umbrella of flipped learning professors can: a) observe student participation in real time, b) collect data, c) quiz students on course related materials in a non-threatening environment, d) collect responses in a word cloud format to enhance in class discussion, e) students can respond using whatever device they own which includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, chrome books, and even "dumbphones" with text messaging, f) add electrifying, real time polls to lectures, and g) grading and attendance is a snap.

Scorpio espouses the idea that the classroom, whether it is live, hybrid, or fully online is a place for personal development of a student which benefits the individual as well as our academic community at large.

Scorpio J. Welch was educated in the Miami Dade County public school system as an honor student. After being accepted to the prestigious Spelman College. Scorpio majored in English and she attended classes/chapel services with some of the most intellectual and famous American citizens of our time at the helm. People such as the esteemed Shirley Chisholm, Coretta Scott King, Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Jordan, and Alice Walker impressed upon author the importance of the written word on feminine purpose, politics, education, and business. Professor Welch has two daughters who have earned their master's degrees in Public Administration and Healthcare Administration.


  • Spelman College Degree: B.A in English
  • Nova Southeastern University Degree: M.S in English Education and TESOL certification
  • Nova Southeastern University Degree: ABD - Doctoral Studies 62/66 credits earned in Organizational Leadership 

Research Interests

  • Using technology-based curriculum and cloud-based software to get students to achieve higher.


Welch's personal characteristics include strength, drive, integrity, organizational skills, business savvy, charisma, enthusiasm, ability to gather free resources, run programs at low or no cost, and the ability to motivate students to learn.

Welch grew up in Miami, Florida which is one of the most culturally diverse cities on earth. She feels that she can bring new life and outside resources to the campus and create new inexpensive programs to bridge the digital divide in our communities. If there is an information gap in the community, she can close it.

Welch has taught students of all academic levels so she knows what colleges are suitable for certain scores and majors. She feels that her use of technology based curriculum can assist students prior to their arrival in college. She wants to create a workshop for high school students to show them how to use various learning management systems so they are ready when they arrive on campus.

Welch has served in an administrative role for three years as a part-time Associate Dean of Advising, Course Designer, Writing Center Coordinator, Team Leader, and a Developmental English Department Chair. Her most desirable quality is all the experience and training she has in collaborating with other faculty, ample professional development training and stellar teaching performance each school year scoring above 3.5/4.0 almost every term in every course. She is experienced in using in Banner, Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and Desire 2 Learn.

In addition, Welch ahas taught American Literature, and GED, Online, FYE, and ESL courses in public and private colleges. Prior to becoming a college instructor in 2001, she spent over 11 years in the public school system as an English teacher while simultaneously working as an adjunct professor. In addition, she has also completed approximately 15 hours in the ESL master’s program at Nova University to enhance her understanding of diversity and has developed some innovative teaching techniques to embrace such topics through literature.

Scorpio Welch
​Ms. Judy (Scorpio) Welch
Instructor of English
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Trustee Hall, 8
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