The Honors College Experience


As part of the Honors College, you'll have access to valuable academic programs along with development opportunities that include study abroad, internships, service learning, and student research.


The Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College Leadership Development Seminars are based on the Claflin mission of “preparing students for leadership and service in a multicultural, global, and technological society.” Courses are designed to enhance students’ experiential learning, personal development and leadership skills. Honors College students are required to participate in all weekly Honors Leadership Development Seminars.


HCLS 101/102: Exploration: 
The Freshman Seminar provides students the opportunity to examine diverse definitions, topics, theories, characteristics and styles of leadership. Students also conduct self-assessments to determine their leadership potential and styles. One hour each semester. Two hours.
HCLS 201/202: Inquiry and Acquisition:
The Sophomore Seminar focus is scientific inquiry and the acquisition of knowledge relative to leadership. Students conduct research relative to leadership and the required senior thesis, deliver presentations and serve on panels to discuss contemporary leadership issues. One hour each semester. Two hours.
HCLS 301/302: Integration:
The Junior Seminar is designed to integrate theory and practice of leadership. Students conduct research of American and world leaders, demonstrate and practice leadership attitudes, characteristics and behaviors, continue to formulate the senior thesis, identify scholarship honors and awards for graduate and professional schools, and develop resumes. One hour each semester. Two hours.
HCLS 401: Capstone:
The Senior Seminar represents the “capstone” experience and assists students with the completion and presentation of the senior thesis, career planning, finalizing choices for graduate and professional school, enhancement of decision-making skills, conflict resolution, social and business etiquette, networking, and other competencies necessary for effective leadership. One Hour.

PLEASE NOTE: Students receiving grades below “C” are required to register and retake these courses.

International, Study Abroad, Co-Ops and Student Exchange Programs

All Honors students are encouraged to actively seek opportunities for study abroad, internships, Co-Ops and student exchange experiences. It is recommended that these experiences be explored during the sophomore and junior years. Those students seeking more than one experience during their matriculation at Claflin must seek the direct approval of the Honors Director and Provost before making application.

Students participating in study abroad, internships, Co-Ops and student exchange programs must make arrangements with the Honors Director for course substitutions or waivers of Honors Leadership Seminars the semester prior to departure.

Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to apply for the Fulbright, Rhodes, Luard, Woodrow Wilson, Truman, Goldwater, Udall, Emerging Leaders, Leadership Alliance, and other prestigious scholarships and opportunities. Other experiences to consider are the Semester in Washington Program, the United Nations and other international agencies.

Information and preparation for these prestigious competitions may be obtained in the following offices:

The Visionary Leadership Institute — Tingley Hall

The Center for Career Planning and Development — Corson Hall

The Center for International Studies — Grace Thomas Kennedy

The Honors College — The Honors Center

Students should also meet with their school deans, department chairs and advisors for available opportunities.