"12 Years a Slave" Movie Night

  • Dates: 17 Feb, 2014
7-9:30 p.m.


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  1. Khabib | Feb 24, 2014
    its fictional, every siglne time you people see a black person in a movie shit has to get racial for fuck sake it is fiction as in fake .. just enjoy the story or fuck off, racist people seriously piss me off, i wish you could all die´╗┐ in the most horrible way imaginable. [url=]ddmgavxmdbd[/url] [link=]hkmrgtqaul[/link]
  2. Pendu | Feb 23, 2014
    haha, I also saw her for the first time in 'Minoes'. You really shulod watch 'Er komt een vrouw bij de dokter'/'Love life'/'Liebe trifft Leben'. It's a very good movie IMO. But maybe that's also partly due to the circumstances I was under when I watched it and my friend with whom I watched it and who has suffered a lot of the consequences of cancer in her family, because that made this movie for me only more emotional. But I'm sure that every human being will be touched by it... Sorry for the off topic talk S!

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