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Recent Claflin University Graduate, Former SGA President Steven Dial Now Reporting the News at WLTX

Sep 30, 2011

Steven Dial, ’11, interned last summer at WGCL, the CBS affiliate in Atlanta. Now, Dial is working as a multimedia reporter for the Columbia-based WLTX.

While president of the Student Government Association at Claflin University, Steven Dial learned the importance of being an effective leader who is organized and prepared for the tasks at hand.

These qualities will serve Dial, '11, well with the hustle and bustle of the news industry as a reporter for WLTX, a Columbia-based affiliate of CBS. Dial started the position in June, a mere month after receiving a Bachelor's degree in mass communications from the University.

“I think being able to tell stories that impact lives is the most rewarding aspect of the job,” said Dial. “You're the connection to let people know what's occurred in Columbia that day.”

Dial says he has been a crash course on the versatility needed in the journalist profession. So far, the Claflin alumnus has covered stories ranging from education to philanthropy.

Dial, 21, has interviewed an Iraq War veteran who lost both legs and some fingers due to injury in combat. He met the solider when an organization called Homes for Troops donated a home to the man. In addition, Dial recently appeared on air covering a tragic boat accident on Lake Murray that left two people dead.

“I talk to some people on the best days of lives and sometimes the worst days of their lives,” Dial said. “This job provides me with a snapshot of the various things that happen to people every day.”

He previously interned at the CBS affiliate in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, in addition to a past stint at WLTX while at Claflin. Dial noted Claflin gave the most solid of foundations to launch his promising young career.

“I learned a lot of in the Claflin Department of Mass Communications,” Dial said. “They're really hands-on and I'm a hands-on learner. That's why it's unique because I could take television and radio broadcasting my freshman year. That got me prepared early.”

Claflin has groomed Dial to be a leader whenever he went.

He participated in the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Pre-Alumni Council, Students in Free Enterprise and tutored children at two local elementary schools.

As SGA president, Dial successfully engaged students to invest in their institution's future through contributions. Under his leadership, students raised thousands of dollars to support Claflin through campus activities events, which also provided his colleagues with loads of entertainment.

“Serving in that office taught how to be organized and lead,” Dial said.

He served that role at Claflin will serve him well at WLTX. “I can know help positively influence other people. Being SGA president was excellent practice and preparation for what I'm doing now,” he said.

His ultimate career goal is to reports the news as an anchor for CNN, which is headquartered in Atlanta.

“I'm ready for the journey and really enjoying it,” said Dial.


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