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Exchange Students from India Soak in Culture, Academic Enrichment at Claflin University

Feb 09, 2012


From left to right: Amity University students Kuldeep Bansal, Himanshi Garg and Sorabh Bothra are spending the spring semester at Claflin University.

Three undergraduate students from Amity University in India will be calling Claflin University home for the spring semester. Meanwhile, a trio of Claflin students have briefly changed their academic addresses to Amity as part of an ongoing student exchange program between the two institutions.

“We're learning a lot about U.S. culture. It's really quite good here at Claflin,” said Sorabh Bothra, a finance and accounting major from Amity who is spending the next three months here at the University.

Himanshi Garg is already becoming involved at the University as an intern in the Office of Communications and Marketing. The Amity marketing major has already noticed the most unpredictable aspect of living in South Carolina – the weather.

“All of us have joined the aerobics and the Zumba exercise clubs,” said Garg.

The Claflin trio that ventured to Amity – Veanna Glover, Shantel Chaplin and LaCrystal Robinson – will study business courses.

School of Business Dean Dr. Harpal Grewal said the exchange agreement is mutually beneficial for both higher education institutions separated by nearly 8,000 miles.

“This partnership between Claflin University and Amity University is providing our students with a global perspective,” said Grewal. “As globalization continues to shape the economy, our exchange program will prove mutually invaluable for both Claflin and Amity and our young scholars.”

Kuldeep Bansaz wants to join the family manufacturing business back home. He hopes his experience at Claflin will help him learn the intricacies of finance and fashion a more global perspective.

“I especially want to discover more about microfinance,” Bansal said.

Bansal noted a few differences between classrooms in America and India. For starters, students majoring in a subject don't have the flexibility to change their schedules in India. He also noted that Indian classrooms have far more students in them on average.

All of the exchange students plan to pursue graduate school to study business. Garg plans to assist marketing efforts for her father's construction business in India while Bothra is eyeing a career as an investment banker in America.

The trio are really thankful for Grewal's assistance in helping making the transition very smooth.

“He's very helpful in guiding me since I've been here,” said Garg.

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