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Claflin Alumna Stacie Davis Reestablishes Miss Marion County Pageant

Mar 21, 2012

From left to right: Miss Claflin University 2011-2012 Leighann Black, Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce, Stacie Davis,’ 11 and Miss Francis Marion University Cari Hicks at the Girls Rock Gala in Marion.

“Inspiring Women for Greatness” was the theme of the Girls Rock Gala organized by Miss Marion County Pageant Director and Claflin University alumna Stacie Davis, ‘11.   Held to honor the contestants, the speakers of the evening were Miss Claflin University Leighann Black, Miss Francis Marion University Cari Hicks and Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce.

Davis reestablished the Miss Marion County Pageant in 2012 after a hiatus of over 20 years.   Marion County consists of Marion, Mullins, Nichols, Sellers, Brittons Neck, Centenary, Gresham, Rains, and Temperance Hill.

“I wanted to start this pageant again because it’s something different for Marion County and to give the girls something else to look forward to other than prom,” Davis said.

Davis had to appeal to the city halls of Marion, Mullins, Nichols, and Sellers, as well as present to the Marion County Council in order to restart the pageant.

A part of the pageant process, the Girls Rock Gala was a chance to expose the pageant participants to a formal evening.  Leighann Black, Miss Claflin University 2011-2012, spoke to the contestants about her experience as a campus queen.

“Through all of my experiences as Miss Claflin University, I understand that wearing this crown does not mean that I’m just a pretty face.  Instead, this crown characterizes my ability to hold a leadership position and make a difference,” Black said.

The winner of the Miss Marion County pageant will be eligible to enter the Miss South Carolina pageant.  The Miss Marion County Pageant for the age division of 3-12 is on April 14 at 11 a.m.  The Miss Marion County Pageant for the age division of 13-25 is on April 14 at 6 p.m.


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