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WLTX Reporter Steven Dial, ’11, Motivates during 2012 Freshman Convocation Ceremony

Apr 12, 2012
“How bad do you really want it?”

Steven Dial, a multimedia reporter for WLTX News 19 in Columbia and 2011 alumnus, posed that question to a sea of Claflin freshman clad in white dresses and black suits as they prepared to be officially confirmed into the University family on April 10.

The former Student Government Association President Dial said that although the Class of 2015 had nearly finished their first year of college, now was not the time to be content.  “You have to make more and more goals,” said Dial.

Dial recounted his college experience to the freshman, telling them how important time management and class participation was to his success.  He noted it was critical to strike a balance between enjoying the experience while treating their education like a job.

He also discussed the importance of resiliency.  While trying to secure an internship with a television news station, Dial said he was rejected multiple times including his first choice.  But after continuing to believe in himself, he got an internship with the CBS affiliate in his hometown of Atlanta.  He said that opportunity afforded him much experience and confidence.

“Believe that God has a plan for your life,” Dial said.  “You can’t be afraid of failure.”

He said winning in life is not about complaining but playing the hand you’re dealt effectively.  Dial also cautioned the students that they’re lives inside and outside of schools will take twist and turns. 

“The beginning is easy, continuing is hard,” he said.

The Freshman Confirmation is held each year to signify first-year students’ completion of the Freshman College, a program which successfully prepares them for the transition from high school to University life.

President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale urged the students to remain steadfast in their academic careers.

“We celebrate your success.  This Convocation signifies you moving to that next level.  We want you to think of yourselves as visionary leaders,” Tisdale said.

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