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Junior Quincy Allen is Forming a Global Perspective at Claflin University

Apr 26, 2012

On the golf course, Seattle native Quincy Allen often slices his drive to the right.  But at Claflin University, Allen says he has struck a hole-in-one in educational experience that has taken him everywhere from Wall Street to the Eiffel Tower.


“Through my three years at Claflin University, I have been afforded so many opportunities to make the most out of my undergraduate matriculation,” said Allen.  “I’m humbled by it all.  I’m not even 21 yet!”

This summer, Allen will have his second stint as an intern at UBS Investment Bank in New York. 

Opportunities are nothing new to him at Claflin. 

So far, Allen has attended multiple leadership conferences and become an active member of campus organizations.  But the coolest experience was the opportunity to spend last summer touring Europe while he studied in London.  He says these chances have made him a better leader at Claflin and for the future. 

Allen also notes the experiences abroad have brought home the fact that the economy is truly global.  He has visited many nations since his arrival at the University, including Canada, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France.

“Through my travels, I definitely realize how global our economy is,” said Allen.  “It’s not just about the U.S.  When you’re looking for jobs, you are competing against people from all over the world.”

Although the junior finance major has soaked in the cultures of foreign places by doing things like taking a Mediterranean cruise and visiting the Vatican, he wasn’t reticent to usurp fantastic career advancing chances in America either. 

His first internship with UBS was littered with motivational words from corporate leaders at companies like JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America.  The formative experience was transformational in his desire to pursue any nugget of knowledge regarding the financial sector he could.

His ascension to future Wall Street wunderkind started when he was born in Germany where his parents, Tim and Carolyn, were stationed in the U.S. Army.  Soon after, the family – which includes his brother, Marqise, and sister, Lacey - relocated to Seattle. 

After talking with a Claflin admissions officer, Allen was offered a Presidential Scholarship from the Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College once he applied to University.  He could have attended a number of schools closer to home but decided to expand his horizons to the East Coast. 

“When you’re in high school ready to graduate and move on to college, you can’t help but be excited to find out the next four years are paid off,” said Allen.

Opportunity and leadership are the two qualities Allen has appreciated most about Claflin during his three years here.  He was the treasurer of the Black Executive Exchange Program and is a campus tour guide for visitors.    

“Claflin has allowed me to utilize and refine my skills to prepare myself for whatever my endeavors,” said Allen.  “It’s just been a very great experience.  Claflin has opened up many doors.  I know I will have something to look forward to when it comes to my career.”

Allen plans to work on Wall Street in finance following his Claflin career.  His altruistic side hopes to inform less fortunate people about the basics of financial planning.

“A lot of people don’t know much about finance,” said Allen.  “I want to take my knowledge that I’ve received from the best and the brightest and in return teach that to others.”


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