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Claflin University Student Body Raises $100,000 to Support Capital Campaign

Apr 27, 2012

Students from Claflin University have raised $100,000 themselves in support of the institution’s $96.4 million capital campaign.  Claflin student leaders made the benchmark official on Friday, April 27 by presenting President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale with a check.

But students aren’t stopping at $100,000.  They used the opportunity Friday evening to raise even more dollars for Claflin through Student Philanthropy Day, an event which has become an annual fundraising tradition.

“The student body of Claflin University is to be commended for taking ownership and exhibiting leadership during this historic campaign,” said President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale.  “They continue to embody the Claflin spirit not only through their dedication in the classroom but also their selfless commitment to service outside of it.”  

Student Government Association President Marcus Howard said this effort was a testament to the entire student body’s love for the University.  “We have experienced a world class education right here at Claflin and it’s crucial that we pay that forward to the next generation.”

For the past few years, students raised the money through events and campus organizations such as the Pre-Alumni Council, fraternities and sororities. 

Director of Alumni Relations/Annual Fund Marcus Burgess, ’96, said the University has created a culture of philanthropy that extends from alumni to current students.  He says students who give now to the institution will likely be lifelong contributors.

“Our students understand the importance of philanthropy and how it shows their commitment to ensuring the success of Claflin University,” he said.

Marcus Fogle, ’11, manager of the annual fund, noted the past few years student giving has been on the rise.  “Giving is important and our students have shown their capacity to create positive changes to our already outstanding facilities and academic programs.  For our student body to raise $100,000 by themselves is a remarkable statement in supporting their education,” Fogle said.

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