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Claflin University Puts the Spotlight on Visionary Faculty with Ceremony

May 17, 2012

The extraordinarily talented faculty of Claflin University recently gathered to close out the spring semester and recognize among their peers at the Spotlight on Faculty Excellence ceremony.

The event was sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching at the University.  Awards in three categories were given out to faculty in each of Claflin’ s four academic Schools.  During the ceremony, faculty was also acknowledged for publications, academic awards and grants.

“It is only appropriate that shine a bright light on the visionary work of our world-class faculty,” said President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale.  “Because of their dedicated efforts, we are steadfastly advancing our mission to become one of the premier undergraduate teaching and research universities in the world.  Our faculty is engaging in cutting edge research spread across many academic disciplines.  They are to be commended for a job well done.”

Visiting Professor Dr. Arthur Dobrin, a professor for the School of University Studies at Hofstra University, made a special presentation at the event.  This semester, he taught courses for the School of Business and the Department of History and Sociology.  He also served as the scholar-in-residence at the Calhoun County Public Library while here. 

2011-2012 Spotlight Award Recipients

School of Business

Teaching Excellence: Dr. Benjamin Yumol, Assistant Professor of Business

Research Excellence: Dr. Matthew Guah, Associate Professor of Business

Overall Excellence: Dr. John Jasina, Assistant Professor of Business

School of Education

Teaching Excellence: Dr. Bernadette Nwafor, Professor of Education

Research Excellence: Dr. Nan Li, Associate Professor of Education

Research Excellence: Dr. Young Ik Suh, Assistant Professor of Sports Management

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Teaching Excellence: Dr. Millicent Brown, Associate Professor of History

Research Excellence: Dr. Mitali Wong, Professor of English

Service Excellence: Linda Hill, Assistant Professor of English

Service Excellence: Cedric Rembert, Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Teaching Excellence: Dr. Brent C. Munsell, Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering

Research Excellence: Dr. Leslie Wooten-Blanks, Assistant Professor of Biology

Overall Excellence: Dr. Omar Bagasra, Professor of Biology

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