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Claflin University Welcomes Student Duo from School of Management Sciences in India

Jul 19, 2012

Tausif Akhtar and Sumit Sinha are spending the summer studying marketing at Claflin University.  That’s not unusual.  But they did have to travel more 8,000 to take the courses.

Akhtar and Sinha are exchange students from the School of Management Sciences in Varanasi, India.  In 2010, Claflin and SMS established an exchange partnership.  Both have sent several groups of students to the other institution over the last few years.

So far, Claflin’s latest visitors are finding things so good.

“The people here at Claflin are very friendly.  Whenever I have any doubt, I go consult my professors and they are most helpful,” said Sinha, who plans one day to establish and operate his own marketing firm.

Meanwhile, Akhtar wants to create an international restaurant chain like McDonalds.  He says that he was amazed that people greet others and open doors for those they don’t even know in America, which Akhtar notes is a stark contrast to Indian culture.  He also was impressed by the University use of Blackbaud’s Blackboard software, which allows students to access course items such as presentations and assignments online.

“America has a unique culture.  I look forward to visiting places like Charleston and Washington, D.C. during my time here,” said Akhtar.

Both look forward to gaining more knowledge of the U.S. economy and culture while making new friends at the University.  They gave credit to School of Business Dean Dr. Harpal Grewal for making them feel welcome.

“This partnership with the School of Management Sciences is opening doors of opportunity for students at both institutions,” said Grewal.  “Mr. Akhtar and Mr. Sinha will join a group of distinguished young scholars who have gained a wide breadth of knowledge regarding the increasingly global economy.”

SMS is located in Varanasi, India, which is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh located in the Northeastern portion of that country. Established in 1995, the institution is known for its innovative management and computer science programs.  

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