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Claflin Establishes Three+One Degree Program with S.C. College of Pharmacy

Jan 23, 2013

Claflin University officials signed a memorandum of understanding Jan. 10 with the South Carolina College of Pharmacy to establish a three+one degree articulation program that would eventually end with graduating students receiving a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

“This is consistent with our mission to build partnerships and provide Claflin students with opportunities,” said President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale.  “It is important when students arrive at Claflin they understand there is a clear path to success.  This partnership with the South Carolina College of Pharmacy helps to accomplish that endeavor.”

The S.C. College of Pharmacy was formed in 2004 by integrating the pharmacy departments at University of South Carolina and the Medical University of South Carolina.  The S.C. College of Pharmacy partners with the Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center to form a statewide approach to pharmacy education and research.  

Under the agreement, Claflin students would attend the University for three years pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and then transfer to the S.C. College of Pharmacy with the goal of obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy degree provided they meet admissions requirements.

S.C. College of Pharmacy Executive Dean Dr. Joseph DiPiro noted several Claflin students have either graduated or currently matriculate from his institution.  “We want more Claflin students in our program,” said DiPiro.

During the signing of the agreement, DiPiro was joined by the University of South Carolina School of Pharmacy’s Director of Student Services Alfred Moore. 

Department of Chemistry Chair Dr. Angela Peters said this arrangement was truly exciting and could forge a path for future collaborations between the two institutions.

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