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The 411 behind Claflin’s new logo

Oct 30, 2013

“This is something additional, just to reinforce who we are,” says Charlene Slaughter, interim assistant vice president for communications and marketing, about Claflin University’s new logo.

Many students have been chattering and voicing opinions about the new logo. People want to know why we have it. Where did it come from? What does it stand for?
“It is not a replacement. It’s an additional logo,” Slaughter said.

The motto of the university is still, “The World Needs Visionaries.” The old logo is still in use. It is on all of our official documents.

The university has evolved so much since its first branding campaign in 2008. Administrators have decided to undergo a brand refresh.

“Breathing a fresh, new life ... not an overall replacement. It’s more of a clarification. How is Claflin visionary? How is our service, our research, our excellence, our creativity?” Slaughter said.

The “C” logo is the work of Creative Communications and Associates, a company with which the university works to design brochures, Slaughter said.

Administrators were trying to do something different to recruit students. “We saw it and thought it would be great.”

The additional logo will be used in promotions and to grasp the attention of new students, Slaughter said.

“We knew it would make people take a second look. It’s so contemporary. The colors stand out.”

“It represents Claflin’s growth, development and how we’ve changed in the past five years,” Slaughter said.

“We have a vision. We are really thinking about what Claflin 2035 is going to look like.”

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