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Homecoming: Student perspectives from near and far

Nov 08, 2013

The Panther

Claflin University is close to HOME for some and a very long way away for others. Opinions about HOMECOMING reflect some of the geography.

*“I am excited for the Homecoming parade and being able to drive the float for my M.I.S.S. [Motivating and Inspiring Strong Sisterhood] organization,” said Rachel Troutman, sophomore early childhood education major from St. Matthews.

*“I am excited about all the events since I was key in helping plan most of the events with SGA, SAB and the homecoming committee. I am really looking forward to both of the concerts since I am a singer/musician myself. Overall students should enjoy this year’s Homecoming if they just simply support it,” said DeMunshay Garrett, senior mass communication major from Greenville.

*“The only thing I dislike about Homecoming is the choice of entertainment, but I am excited about it this year especially because it is my senior year,” said Brianna Alexander, senior business major from St. Louis, Mo.

*“I am looking forward to a heated game for Claflin in this chilly winter,” said Asfar Rashid, sophomore business major from Bangladesh.

*“I am looking forward to having lots of fun and meeting the successful alumni and learning from them,” said Shankar Prajapati, sophomore computer science major from Nepal.

*“Claflin offers the most fun and thrilling events for us during Homecoming. My favorite thing was when I climbed to the top of the rock wall last year; I can’t wait to do it again this year,” said Roshan Bhattarai, sophomore biochemistry major from Nepal.

*“I don't even know what homecoming is about,” said Nathan Noguira, senior Digital Design major, from Brazil.

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