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Poll IDs most popular Homecoming events; some carry discounted fee for students

Nov 08, 2013

The Panther

It’s homecoming season once again in Orangeburg, a time when current students as well as alumni come back to show their support, love and pride for Claflin University, their alma mater.

Homecoming week has always been a week of fun and excitement for students and alumni. Greek alumni come back and tailgate outside of the Jonas T. Kennedy health and Physical Education Center and also meet up with friends and other Greek members.

This year, there are a total of 35 events that will be hosted by SGA, which will all take part during the period of homecoming week. All students will be able to take part in whichever activity they desire. There will be a combo ticket listed for $20, provided only for Claflin students that wish to take part in all activities that have a set fee.

Not many festivities entail a fee this year but some of the more popular festivities will. There will be a difference in price for the general public and then there will be a discounted fee for students who attend Claflin. The events that do require a fee are:

Sunday, November 10 – How Sweet the Sound

Student $4.00 -- General Public $7.00

Monday, November 11 – Dorm Step Show

Student $ 5.00 – General Public $7.00

Wednesday, November 13 – Comedy Show

Student 7.00 – General Public 9.00

Thursday, November 14 – Concert -- Melanie Fiona & Mack Wilds

Student $8.00 – General Public $10.00


A poll was distributed among some of the student body about which events students were anticipating most. When the respondents’ answers came back, it was noted that the dorm step show was a must-see because friends and roommates would be participating. The bonfire and car smash, the comedy show, late-night breakfast, which was always a favorite among the student body, the concert, and the Greek step show were the most popular.

“Melanie Fiona has always been a favorite artist of mine,” one student said. “I have always aspired to sing as great as her, I love the range in her voice.”

Another student gave feedback on why he enjoys the car smash and bonfire. His reasoning: “It allows him to take out any frustrations he has by destroying the car. Whether it is personal frustrations or school-related frustrations, for some reason, destroying an object can take that tension away.”

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