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Homecoming 2013: Corson/Dunton takes title as step teams remember fallen student

Nov 15, 2013

The combined team representing Corson and Dunton halls was the winner in the 2013 Dorm Step Show on Nov. 11. (Panther photo by Kemet Alston)

The Panther

Competition was fierce between the dorms on Nov. 11.

The teams -- Asbury Hall, combined dorms Corson and Dunton Hall, and all-male dorm High Rise -- competed for the title of the 2013 Dorm Step Show winner.

Among the judges were Shanae Neal, a recent Claflin graduate, and Lakeisha Watts of the Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College.

The audience watched as Asbury Hall approached the stage first with the theme of Dorothy, from the well-known movie The Wiz, and her missing shoes. While they were performing, a picture of Anise Portis was displayed to the audience.

Anise` was a freshman at Claflin University who was killed in a horrendous car accident a week before she was scheduled to step with the Asbury Hall team.

Corson/Dunton Hall also displayed respect to the fallen Claflinite by chanting “R.I.P Anise`” during one of their steps.

Although a smaller-than-usual number of dorms participated in the show, the announcement of the winner was no less anticipated.

Corson/Dunton Hall with the theme of Willy Wonka and Charlie in the Chocolate Factory claimed victory.

Taije Griffin, a freshman stepper for the Corson/Dunton team, was shocked.

“All this hard work paid off. Some nights we practiced until 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning,” Taije said.

Shakalia Haigler, another freshman stepper for Corson/Dunton, said, “The first thing that came to my mind was ‘How did we win?’”

Hosts LaQuentin Jenkins and Lia Holman (Miss Homecoming) congratulated each of the teams.

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