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Homecoming 2013: ‘He has us in here laughing’

Nov 15, 2013

The Panther

Benji Brown came to Claflin for comedy and incorporated Claflin into his act.

The Homecoming Comedy Show featuring Brown was among events requiring students to purchase tickets. Judging from the size of the crowd on Nov. 13 at the W.V. Middleton Fine Arts Center, students and alumni expected the show to be worth the price.

As soon as Brown started his act, the laughter began. So did the photography, as pictures and recordings of Brown’s act were being snapped everywhere.

During Brown’s act, there was a minor interruption by a student. Brown decided to incorporate the student’s interruption into his act and go along with it. He asked her, “You on drugs?”

The student turned around and started to walk out but stopped in midstep and aimed the question at Brown: “Are you on drugs?” She walked out. The audience was shocked but laughed at what happened.

The comedian then started to talk about how girls “twerk.” The way he demonstrated had the crowd roaring with laughter. He was stiff and barely moved his lower half.

At the end, the assessment of one student was really all the comedian and those putting on the show for Claflin could hope for: “He has us in here laughing.”

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