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Homecoming 2013: ‘It was cool’: Bonfire heats up Homecoming

Nov 15, 2013

A scene from the bonfire/car smash 2013
Tearing away doors and breaking windows and knowing doing so is all a good thing: Bonfire and Car Smash 2013. (Panther photo by Kemet Alston)

The Panther

Immediately following the Dorm Step Show on Nov. 11, students, alumni and dorm show competitors gathered behind JTK to enjoy the warmth and view of the Bonfire and Car Smash.

Everyone bundled up in the cold weather and enjoyed music by DJ Rell, a South Carolina State University graduate. Students, alumni, sororities and fraternities all enjoyed one another.

Most were ready to take a shot at the car smash -- tearing away doors and breaking windows and knowing doing so was all a good thing. The action was highlighted by food in the form of hot dogs, sausage dogs, chips and drinks.

There was something different about the Bonfire and Car Smash this year. This time there were student hosts: sophomores Jordan Page and Cortney Riley.

“It was cool; it was right after the step show, so everyone was out there! We were turned up!” Page said.

It took a while for everyone to warm up to everything but once everyone got some food, got closer to the fire and began to warm up, it ended up being a fun time. “Me and CJ got the people live!” Page said.

Freshman Sidni Reed, biology major, enjoyed the bonfire. She said she loved the fact that food and drinks were provided for everyone, and she really enjoyed seeing the car smash.

Freshman Monique Green, biology major, thought the car smash and bonfire were amazing. “A lot of people were out there and the DJ was great!” Coming from high school, Green had never seen anything exactly like the event.

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