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Policy bans tobacco use on campus

Nov 26, 2013

The Panther

Since August 2011 Claflin has been a smoke-free campus, but questions about what is considered smoking remained.

All questions have now been answered. Effective Oct. 16, Claflin became a tobacco-free campus, joining 16 other colleges and universities in South Carolina that have similar policies.

The Claflin policy prohibits smoking and the use of any tobacco-based product. Electronic cigarettes are also banned, as is chewing tobacco.

If any employee or student is observed smoking or using tobacco products on Claflin property, the individual will be issued a $25 ticket that must be paid within 30 days of issuance.

Students who receive a second ticket will be referred to the university’s Office of Counseling. Subsequent tickets will result in being reported for disciplinary action.

In reference to the new policy, Dr. Leroy A. Durant, vice president for student development and services, said, “I expect people to abide by the rules, doing what you know is right.”

Claflin explains the smoking policy by stating the university is “committed to providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment for the students, faculty and staff.”

A Claflin student who spoke anonymously is not impressed with the reform, saying, “I’ll still smoke on campus. I get that Claflin is about improving, but I live here. Why should I have to leave my home to do something I’ve always done?”

Claflin has released an official pamphlet on the modified policy, defining all of the prohibited tobacco and nicotine products. The policy can be found on the university website at, as well as in the Office of Student Development and Services.

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