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TV personality offers encouraging words

Nov 26, 2013

Claflin President Henry N. Tisdale and SGA President Dwayne Coleman greet Founders’ Day speaker Dr. Steve Perry, left, author, activist and education contributor for CNN and MSNBC. (Panther photo by BreAnna Walker)

The Panther

“Each one of us is blessed and cursed with vision. ... You were given something that you are supposed to do and nobody else can live out that dream but you!” Dr. Steve Perry said as he spoke to students faculty and staff during the 144th Founders’ Day Convocation at Claflin University on Nov. 17.

Speaking to the audience at the Tullis Arena in Claflin’s Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Physical Education Center, the author, activist and education contributor for CNN and MSNBC reminded students to never let anyone tell them they can’t fulfill dreams. There will always be haters in your life, he said.

“Everything you do will be questioned,” he said, detailing how he created a school for all kids from all places and how his school now has the highest graduation rate in the country.

He told students they are competing against the rest of the world and that they should be the very best that they can be.

Prior to Perry’s address, Claflin President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale spoke to the students, faculty and staff, saying the university’s goal is to ensure that students are prepared and equipped to excel beyond global demands.

Tisdale also said, “The university is being recognized regionally and nationally for academic excellence, conducting cutting-edge research, attracting and retaining faculty, and enrolling students who excel in academic pursuits.”

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