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CAMPUS LIFE: Shooting unifies students; timing of warnings is cause for worry

Jan 27, 2014

The Panther

On Jan. 24, 2014, Brandon Robinson was shot and killed at Hugine Suites at South Carolina State University. The incident was a shock to S.C. State, neighboring Claflin Univeristy, and to everyone all over the country.

As if the fact that a student was able to bring a gun on campus undetected isn't disturbing enough, the amount of time it took for everyone to be notified is even more disturbing.

The shooting occurred at about 1:30 p.m. Panther Alerts were sent to Clalfin students about an active shooter at 2:53 p.m. SCSU's official Twitter page did not confirm a shooting on campus until 3:11 p.m.

Were Claflin students notified before SCSU students? Why did it take almost two hours for everyone to be notified when an active shooter was on the loose?

Were campus police called before 911 or medical help? We do not know. Both campuses were put on lockdown in order to keep the shooters from returning to campus shortly after. Many students were very uninformed regarding the events that had unfolded over the previous couple of hours.

I'll be honest, this disturbs me. Here we are diddy bopping around campus not knowing to take precaution because someone had just been killed and the killer was on the loose. I can't imagine how the students at State feel when some of them were just going on with their days and had not heard about the shooting until it was shown on the news.

Some of SCSU's students were at the scene and had no idea what was occurring. It makes you question how secure we are.

Hugine Suites is a large residential area that doesn't have much security. This area should have been put on lockdown immediately. There are only so many ways in and so many ways out. There's an elementary school across the street. I don't even have to explain the dangers of this.

Friday's events were very unfortunate, and although I doubt they could've been avoided, they could have been handled a little better as far as the safety of the students.

Some of the SCSU students and Claflin students have come together in this time of grief to support one another. I hope this tragic event will put an end to the SCSU-vs.-CU "beef." If we're going to be in this together, we need to stay in this together.

Look where fighting and claiming to be better than the other has gotten us, NOWHERE. Rest in Paradise Brandon Robinson, and prayers go out for his family and friends.

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