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Claflin students enjoy snowfall

Jan 30, 2014


The Panther

Classes were canceled at Claflin University Tuesday and Wednesday (and were delayed on Thursday) so students used the time to enjoy the snow on campus.
They grabbed coats, hats and gloves, just to enjoy a snowball fight.
“I grew up in New York, where lots of snow falls. I miss having snowball fights, so when I started to see snow falling, I decided this would be the perfect time to have a snowball fight,”  Imani Davis said.
It started with a small group of friends and then quickly grew to a big crowd of students taking advantage of the temporary snow found on the grounds of campus.
“Well, it’s snow! How often do we really get any snow here in little ole South Carolina? Like never,” said Taryn Hargrove.
Davis agreed.
“I love it, snow is beautiful, we don’t get it here enough, so I’m really enjoying this time to play with snow,” she said.

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