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Remembering Brandon Robinson: University pays tribute to deceased student

Feb 03, 2014

The Panther 

On Jan. 31, 2014, South Carolina State University held a candlelight vigil for slain student Brandon Robinson.
Students, faculty and staff from both S.C. State and Claflin universities assembled in the Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium.
In remembrance of the young football player who was shot to death on campus on Jan. 24, students gave musical selections and reflected on the occurrences over the past week.
Monet Heyward, director of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry, offered words of encouragement on the importance of life and living it abundantly.
She posed the question, "Are you wasting your life away or are you doing something with it?" Heyward challenged students to understand their purpose.
Akeem Brown, president of the S.C. State Student Government Association said, "Tonight is about the student body recommitting themselves to the pledge that Brandon made to receive an education and cultivate the environment."
Brown attended Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School with Robinson. He expressed his disbelief that the fatal incident occurred in his city and on his campus. "Tonight does not stop what we have to do. We have to continue the legacy," Brown said.
No representatives from the Robinson family were present. Robinson's mother did, however, reach out to S.C. State officials stating that the family appreciates the outpouring of support that they have given.

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