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Snow opinions as different as North and South

Feb 03, 2014

The Panther

Of the many events that happen at Claflin University, snow isn’t normally one of them.

On Wednesday and Thursday, students spent time playing in the snow. With all the buildings being shut down, students were looking for things to do.

Overall the snow days were an exciting extra break for students and a fun thing for folks not accustomed to snow. Students also participated in a friendly snowball fight with S.C State students embracing the snow days. All was well in Orangeburg for the slight snowfall, and luckily there was not a huge ordeal for the “snow days” like in Atlanta and other Southern cities.

Still, the closing of the university for two days could be considered a laughing matter to Northerners who attend school in more than 5 inches of snow.

Simone Rascoe from Indiana said:” I had no reaction to the snow because I’ve seen it before. I was more so mad because I thought I was getting away from snow, coming down to the South for school. Southerners need to learn how to drive carefully in snow conditions, also how to dress appropriately for the low temperatures and how to be prepared for the snow weather overall.”

Quinteaz Montford said: “This isn’t real snow, it’s just powder.”

Jacob Cogman said: “I think it’s luck that some people can experience snow for the first time, but those who are from the North can tell you that this is not real snow.”

And a Southern view from Brandon O’Neal: “Snow is awesome, on the rare chance we get it.”  

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