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CAMPUS LIFE: Southerners not overreacting to storm

Feb 06, 2014

The Panther

Claflin University, as well as many other universities in South Carolina, shut down due to the ice and snow storms previously. Northerners laughed at the extreme measures that the Southerners were taking over a few inches of snow. Let's be honest, it does not snow in South Carolina!Ashleigh Harriott in the snow (Panther photo by Kemet Alston)

Southerners do not know how to function in ice and snow. Some of those who were making a joke out of the situation were born in 6 inches of snow! Let's not forget that it was 70 degrees just two days before it snowed.

Instead of making a mockery about what's going on, people need to realize that different parts of the country have different needs and limitations. South Carolina is not a place for ice and snow AT ALL.

Aside from South Carolina, let's look at Atlanta. Children spent the night in police stations and buses while their parents were trapped on the highway for 12 hours for a commute that normally takes 30 minutes. Atlanta experienced so many problems during this snow storm due to poor planning by the government, but what can you expect? This should be a reality check to everyone around the country.

No, Southerners are not overreacting or being dramatic. We are trying to be safe. 13 people died in car accidents in various states during this snow storm. It's definitely not a game. So before you criticize, think about the bigger picture. 

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