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CAMPUS LIFE: Follow the advice of Megan Rivers

Feb 07, 2014

The Panther

Do you have plans for the summer yet? If not, start planning now!

Career specialists Ms. Snell and Ms. Green have been emailing numerous internship opportunities to students of all majors.

Current multimedia producer for WLTX 19 and 2010 Claflin alum Megan Rivers returned to Claflin on Tuesday to share her experiences as a student and what guided her to her current position at WLTX in Columbia.

Interning played a major role. While in undergrad here at Claflin University, Megan also interned at numerous locations to gain experience, even at her current workplace of WLTX.

"This is your opportunity to learn to make mistakes. Intern! Intern! Intern," Megan said. Megan told students not to be afraid of sacrificing sleep. She also touched on the importance of managing time, social media and writing.

Megan ended her speech with the powerful quote, "Excuses are tools of the incompetent, based on the foundation of nothingness."

Although Claflin sends us numerous emails daily, don't ignore the emails pertaining to internships. Don't let the summer pass you by. Apply! Apply! Apply!

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