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CAMPUS LIFE: Mr. Claflin's coronation fitting for a king

Mar 04, 2014

The Panther

Mr. Claflin, Darius Stanton, took us to another land at his "Returning to Ethiopia"-themed crowning ceremony on February 28.

His list of guests and performers contained some very talented people as their presentations fit the theme of a king. Some may have wondered what Mr. Claflin has done during his reign. All of our questions were answered at his crowning.

The amount of support from students, alumni, family and people around the community definitely showed how much work Darius has been putting in. A lot of people came together in efforts of making our "Return to Ethiopia" as worthwhile and real as possible.

If you ask me, they succeeded. I turned to Twitter after the crowning was over and a lot of students said that this was the BEST coronation they had ever attended! I guess it was worth the wait! We're all excited to see what Darius has in store for us next.

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