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CAMPUS LIFE: Students able to pick furniture for new dorms

Mar 05, 2014

The Panther

On Feb. 26, Claflin brought five different furniture companies to the gym at the university to showcase new furniture options for the new dorms that are being built.

A lot of students knew nothing about this. I'll admit, the only reason I knew was due to a class I had in the gym.

Anyway, I feel that this was a great opportunity for students to be involved in what's up and coming on campus, although many students didn't participate.

At least we can say that Claflin is giving us an opportunity for our voices to be heard. We always complain about so many things in dorm rooms such as the bed not being able to rise, the lack of storage or small things like mirror size.

Here we were given the opportunity to say something and be heard and no one took the opportunity. Great. 

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