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CAMPUS LIFE: Tom Joyner picks Claflin

Mar 20, 2014

The Panther

How cool is it that American radio host of the nationally syndicated The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Tom Joyner, has selected Claflin University as the School of the Month?

Tom Joyner created the Tom Joyner Foundation School of the Month program in 1998. The program's purpose is to ensure that students of HBCUs are exposed to diverse academic opportunities to enable them to successfully achieve their goal of completing their college education.

Over the years, the program has assisted more than 29,000 HBCU students and raised over $65 million. Each dollar donated to the Tom Joyner Foundation School of the Month program supports students, scholarships and other initiatives that help sustain the designated HBCU.

The chosen school gets promoted on the TJMS (Tom Joyner Morning Show) and receives funds raised from listeners, corporate partners, alumni and other interested parties. Claflin has marched its way to a nationally funded program for the month of March.

Great things are always in store for our university. Aren't you proud to be a Claflinite?

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