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Young scientists: Seniors' theses focus on array of issues

Mar 27, 2014

Olivia Rivers presents her senior thesis: Quorum Sensing Dependent Biofilm Formation in a Serratia marcescens Keratitis Isolate. (Panther photo by Taylor Harris)

The Panther 

Seniors at Claflin University presented their Undergraduate STEM presentations at the Research Symposium on Saturday, March 22. 

The students came prepared to present their theses to a crowd of students, faculty and staff.  Two of those presentations were given by Amakia Gibson and Olivia Rivers. 

Amakia Gibson is a senior biochemistry major from Columbia. Her thesis is titled Metabolism During Cold Exposure in Drosophila Melanogaster. 

Amakia's experiments involved working with fruit flies. The goal was to see how fruit flies are able to survive in cold temperatures and that relates to humans. 

Another presentation was given by Olivia Rivers. Her thesis is titled Quorum Sensing Dependent Biofilm Formation in a Serratia marcescens Keratitis Isolate. 

Olivia is a senior from Richland County. She studied the eye condition called Keratitis and the question of whether it is connected to the extended wear of contact lenses. 

Additional presenters were: Michalee Webb -- Recovery of Salmonella serovar Enteritidis from inoculated broiler hatching eggs using shell rinse and shell crush sampling methods; Angelina Hargrove -- Determining Soil Retention Properties to Better Cultivate Plants in Microgravity; Shaniqua Tisdale -- The Effect of miRNA on Hepatitis C Virus Replication; and Hannibal Black -- Optimization of Photochemical Synthesis of Ceria Nanocrystals Using Plug-Flow Reactor.

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