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CAMPUS LIFE: Mass comm easy or naaa?

Apr 04, 2014

The Panther

Many people who aren't involved in the mass communications world seem to think that we just lay around all day and do nothing. WRONG ANSWER!

Mass communications majors work just as hard as music majors, biology majors and everyone else! I'm sure that all mass comm majors are sick and tired of people belittling the work that we do. These people wouldn't last a day in an Avid and they probably couldn't write an editorial to save their lives!

Anyway, aside from the slander, mass communications majors need to be respected just like everyone else. Let everyone be great at what they do.

I'm sure a mass comm major wouldn't be able to remove a tumor from a cat's brain, but a biology major wouldn't be able to record, edit and produce a news brief.

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