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CAMPUS LIFE: Being friendly - in person

Apr 09, 2014

The Panther

There's been a barrier between people from Northern and Southern states since the beginning of time.

Many Southerners say Northerners are rude and very hesitant to greet anyone.

However, Claflin University is an institution all about diversity and bringing students together. Many students have accounts on at least one social network. One of the most popular networks among students is Instagram.

For the older readers who aren't really into social media, Instagram is a social network that is centered around posting pictures of your choice. Similar to Facebook, your followers have the option of "liking" or "double-tapping" the post, or simply scrolling and not liking the picture at all.

Many students have mentioned that a few of their followers will "double-tap" several of their photos on Instagram, but will not greet them in person around campus. Claflin is a small university with lots of familiar faces, so it really isn't that hard to simply say "hello" to someone you recognize.

If we can be friendly on a social network, let's not hesitate to be courteous in person. No matter where the person is from, we never know who's day we might make.

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