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Dillion Isaac ready to go to work as Claflin’s new SGA president

Apr 16, 2014

The Panther 

And the winners are …

The results from the 2014 SGA election are in. All of the candidates campaigned extremely hard. Here are the winners:

SGA President – Dillon Isaac (Junior)

SGA Vice President – Keydareon Graham (Junior)

SGA Corresponding Secretary – Deysha Miller (Sophomore)

SGA Recording Secretary – Amaiah Henry (Sophomore)

SGA Chaplain – Dorian Dillard (Junior)

SGA Business Manager – Babatunde Sanusi (Sophomore)

Miss Claflin – Lia Holman (Junior)

Mr. Claflin – Ryan Black (Junior)

Miss Homecoming – Isha Conteh (Junior)

The new SGA president, Dillon Isaac, is a biology major minoring in chemistry from Blackville.

When interviewed about the campaigning process, he said, “As the election day came closer, it got more intense. It really encourages you to come out of your shell and increase your visibility on campus.”

When Dillon received the news of his victory, he was excited.

“I got the results at the beginning of a Leadership session, so I had to contain myself for about an hour after receiving the news. As soon as I was free, I called my parents, all of my supporters and responded to all the congratulatory messages.”

The candidate’s plans for the student body were stated in his platform.

“I really want to make Claflin a healthier campus in regards to nutrition and spiritually. I also noticed a deficit when it comes to communication between departments, so I’m extremely excited about bettering the communication between separate departments,” he said.

Isaac is no stranger to leadership. He was freshman class president during the semesters of 2011-12. He’s more than ready to get back to work for the student body.

“Overall, I think it’s a humbling experience to be recognized as a leader of this caliber by my peers. I look forward to putting the necessary work in to make it a memorable academic year.”

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