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Easter egg hunt for young girls, boys part of CALA-Bash

Apr 16, 2014

The Panther

Students from the local boys and girls club attended Claflin University’s afternoon on the lawn on during the Friday of CALA-Bash.

The children arrived by van on April 11 at 4:15 pm. They were then invited to participate in an Easter egg hunt by the Arthur Rose Museum, on campus.

Students excitedly ran and grabbed as many eggs as they could find. A few of the children accidently got into the paint that was used by the art department for its booth.

The children then competed in running through the inflatable obstacle course that was rented by Claflin for the day.

Volunteers were stationed at various locations around campus to ensure the safety of the children.

CALA-Bash is Claflin University’s annual arts and language festival. The entire week of April 7 was devoted to showing off the musical and logical abilities of the university’s students.

Included in the festivities were poetry readings, project presentations, concerts and merchandise vendors.

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