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Apr 25, 2014

The Panther

CALA-Bash is the Claflin Annual Letters and Arts Show or “bash.” PULSE is a Claflin creation. When the two meet, there is something worth experiencing.

CALA-Bash is a great opportunity to have fun, get to know more of your fellow Claflinites, meet new and also important people, network and all around enjoy what Claflin has to bring. During CALA-Bash week, there are all sorts of festivities and events.

One of the main shows in 2014 was the performance by PULSE, which is CU’s own dance company founded on campus by Claflin students.

The show was called “NOUVEAU!” which is the French word for new. It was full of new and exciting numbers that had you on the edge of your seat or clapping and cheering. There were 15 pieces (all choreographed by PULSE members) that all had a different theme, setting and feeling.

My favorite pieces were “Happy” and “Special Delivery.” Jas Frink and Merrell McDuffie choreographed “Happy” and performed to the song, “Because I’m Happy,” by Pharrell Williams. Michael Alston choreographed “Special Delivery” and performed it to the New York-based song “Special Delivery” by P. Diddy.

Being that I am a member of PULSE, I got to go backstage to get a more personal feel of the performance. Backstage was hectic and filled with people changing clothes, running from one side of the stage to another, working the curtain, re-applying make-up, etc. This just goes to show that PULSE really works hard and does everything it can to put on a great show.

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