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CAMPUS LIFE: Cell phones, a way of life

Apr 25, 2014

The Panther

I wonder how many people notice how much time they spend on their phones? We sometimes don't realize it until our phone dies, breaks or is disconnected how many time we spend on it.

I'll speak from personal experience for a second. I use my phone for everything. It wakes me up in the morning, it keeps me organized, it keeps me connected, and it keeps me updated.

Without my phone, I feel like I can't function properly. If my phone is on less than 70 percent before I leave to go somewhere, I find myself grabbing a charger. I'll even slap it on the charger to let it charge up another 2 percent before I walk out the door.

How many other people feel the same way or do the same things? We've become way to reliant on our cell phones and I really don't see a change for the better in the future.

My cell phone is my alarm clock, my map, my agenda, my networking, my everything-in-between. I'm typing this article on my cell phone right now!

In reality, we just have to accept the fact that technology is taking over. It's a million times easier to get things done with a smart phone. All we can do now is see what technology has in store for the future.

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