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Talent that too often goes unnoticed

Apr 28, 2014

The Panther

Art can be found anywhere. Nevertheless, it is one of the most common subjects in school and life that goes unappreciated.

Too often, people undervalue art because they do not understand its complexity, the depth and genius required to create an empowering composition, or the time artists obligate on a project.

Events such as the Spoleto Festival USA, Buckhead Spring Arts & Crafts Festival and Claflin's Arts & Letters Annual Bash (CALA-Bash) provide artists a rare opportunity to highlight and expose their talent to a large body.

All year long, students from Claflin's Art Department work diligently creating and producing phenomenal work in preparation for the annual Student Art Exhibition held during CALA-Bash. Claflin's art professors also work long hours helping students develop ideas and attain inspiration. Their assistance, along with a little motivation from within, help students create the work seen in the CALA-Bash exhibition.

A couple of the artists featured in the exhibition this year were Jasmyne Wall and Leah Mitchell, two graduating Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College students. The works displayed ranged from mediums such as graphic pencils and paint to digital and mixed media.

Also included were a self-portrait completed by NaStajia Partee', an animated landscape piece by Dennis Bain and a digital photograph by Mia Ulmer.

The students' smooth transition of color, subtle changes and usage of contrast and value make apparent their knowledge of the elements and principles of art, as well as their advanced skills.

The talent of Claflin's students is made known to the community through events such as CALA-Bash. Exposing students' work to the public helps to advocate and create a stronger appreciation for the arts. If more people developed an interest in the arts, artists and the art world would be valued much more.

Individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled in the arts are needed visionaries that are essential to the growth of today's society and the production of a strong, future generation.

Mia Ulmer is a junior studio art major at Claflin University and an Orangeburg.

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