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President addresses the football question

May 09, 2014

The Panther

Will football return to Claflin?

It’s a question that President Henry N. Tisdale says he gets often.

President H.V. Manning ended the football program in fall 1964 because Claflin didn’t have enough resources for academic priorities and a football team, Tisdale told multimedia students during an April news conference.

It would take a lot of money for Claflin to bring back the football program, he said. The school would have to buy uniforms, insurance and create scholarship money for the players.

“We would not expect to make money with a football team. It wouldn’t pay for itself, taking funds from other programs,” Tisdale said.

“If someone can show me the money, I’m all for it.”

With or without football, Tisdale said he loves what athletics bring to the university. Five years ago, Claflin joined the NCAA Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference to increase the competitiveness of the athletic department.

“The athletic program is on the rise, it’s great for the university,” Tisdale said. “Come out and support our athletics.”

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