Professional and Continuing Studies

Claflin University’s Center for Professional and Continuing Studies program provides working adults with the educational tools to be competitive in today’s economy and job market, to advance in the workplace and to turn long-held dreams into reality.

Our Organizational Management Degree Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). 

Claflin University offers a caring, student-focused environment to help you succeed and graduate.  Whether it’s for career advancement, preparation for graduate school or to gain a feeling of confidence that comes with reaching a personal goal, it’s time for you to finish your bachelor’s degree.

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management

    Claflin’s organizational management degree is fully accredited through the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs. Held to the highest standards of education, this degree is also offered online. With a variety of organizational management courses such as managerial accounting, principles of management, marketing management and more, our program can be tailored to fit your career goals.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

    Claflin University takes pride in the integrity of our criminal justice degree opportunities. Our students have the option of obtaining a conventional degree by attending criminal justice courses on campus or working toward on online criminal justice degree from home. Both options provide a well-earned, respectable education with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Not only do we offer various ways of getting your degree, but we also have a wide variety of criminal justice courses to choose from, including criminal investigation, criminology, criminal procedure and many more. Our program can accommodate students from all over looking for a focused degree in criminal justice. Whether you are from Charleston, Greenville or Columbia, SC – this degree can launch your career!

About Our Students

Claflin University’s degree completion programs are designed for non-traditional students 22 years of age and older. Many of our students are busy working adults who want to be more qualified and competitive in today’s job market. These are individuals who understand that higher education, especially a four-year college degree, gives them professional status and a major step up in earning a higher salary, securing stable employment and having a wider range of career options. A number of our graduates also go on to earn graduate degrees.

Achieving Your Goals

National census studies show that individuals with college degrees, on average, earn double the annual salary of persons without college degrees. For example, a high school graduate can expect to earn, on average, $1.2 million over his or her working life. Those with bachelor’s degrees average $2.1 million in earnings, and people with a master’s degree average $2.5 million over their working lives.

In addition to better employment opportunities and higher wages, most of our adult students aspire to complete their university degrees so that they can have the satisfaction of knowing they have excelled in academic programs offered through Claflin University, one of the country’s premier institutions of higher education.

Program Format

The degree-completion program format is year-round and enables adults who work full-time to earn a bachelor’s degree. Classes meet in five-week modules, allowing for flexibility in making progress toward the student’s educational goals while he/she manages work and family commitments. Our curriculum challenges the adult student to combine prior learning, both formal and informal, with theory, concepts and history. The course structure includes working in cohorts to apply learning to hypothetical and real world challenges.

The continuing education track affords adult students with no prior college credits or those with fewer than 40 semester hours to take general education courses in preparation for the major coursework. The continuing education format is also year-round and enables students to work towards completing the general education requirements for the major.    

All students must meet the same rigorous standards as those in Claflin University’s traditional degree programs and, therefore, receive the same quality education. 

Your Life-Time University

Claflin University’s Center for Professional and Continuing Studies is here to assist you in achieving academic, professional and personal success. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you as your Life-Time University.

Filling out our application is fast and easy. We invite you to enroll at Claflin University because "The World Needs Visionaries."

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These degrees are available on the main Claflin campus, the Columbia Campus or online

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Now Offering Online Degrees & Courses

Our Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management & Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice now have online courses and degree programs available! This is a great options for many professionals who are looking to continue their education, or busy adults who have full time jobs or families to attend to. Don't let your life get in the way of getting a degree! Complete your education and advance your career with flexible online courses from Claflin Online!

Visit our Claflin Online page for more information on our online degree programs! We are happy to offer this new opportunity for our students! Continuing your education opens doors to changing or starting a new career. Get on the right track by applying for our professional and continuing studies programs online today! Our convenient online application system saves you time and is easy to use. Don't put off your education another day, get started on the road to becoming a visionary with Claflin University.

Our students come from all over South Carolina such as: Charleston, Greenville & Columbia, SC!