at 6 p.m. Thursday, August 21, in the Iowa Room
of Claflin University's James S. Thomas Science Center.

Claflin Online

Earn your degree with CLAFLIN ONLINE!

We now offer programs, courses and full degrees through Claflin Online! We are fully accredited to offer the following online degree programs: 

>   MBA
>   Criminal Justice 
>   Organizational Management

Our online college courses are a convenient option for many busy students!
If you are looking for a more flexible program, online courses are a great option! Many students are busy with jobs and other activities, and would like the flexibility that online degree programs offer. We look forward to offering our students this new & flexible option!

We happily educate students from Charleston, Columbia and Greenville, S.C., as well as many surrounding areas.

Don't delay: Get started
on your online degree TODAY!
Earn a bachelor's degree 
in criminal justice
or organizational management 
or your MBA
in as little as 18 months*!


* The time it takes to earn
your Claflin University degree
may depend on previous
course work completed.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice 

This degree qualifies you to work in such fields as crime scene investigation, treatment and rehabilitation, court administration and more.

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management 

Work in
business analytics, marketing, retail management and more.

Master of Business Administration 

Choose from concentrations in  entrepreneurship, finance, management and marketing.

Claflin Online is
conveniently located
in the University's
Visitors Center
at the corner of Magnolia
and Russell streets
in Orangeburg.

For information, contact:
Claflin Online
(803) 535-5658

Dr. Anisah Bagasra
Interim Director
of Online Education

(803) 535-5742

Faith Spells
Academic Counselor/
Enrollment Officer

(803) 535-5108

 For more information about the 
criminal justice and 
organizational management
degrees, contact:
Dr. Cindye T. Richburg 
Executive Director, 
Center for 
and Continuing Studies
(803) 535-5575 

For more information about the 
Master of Business 
Administration degree, contact:
Dr. Tara H. Saracina
Interim Dean, School of Business
(803) 535-5207

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gives deadlines for applying 
for aid and more.
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