The Freshman College

The Freshman College

The Freshman College (TFC) is a first-year experience program that includes a variety of selected activities specifically designed for students transitioning from high school to Claflin University. It is a mixture of mandatory courses, assembly and lyceum events and dynamic mentoring sessions. TFC is designed to serve the University’s overarching mission to develop visionary leaders of strong moral fiber through a curriculum that is academically rigorous and emphasizes social and cultural development, as well as personal and civic responsibility.

Student Leaders

Student leaders are upperclassmen responsible for assisting freshmen with their transition to the Claflin family. Student leaders recognize that service to students and their family members is a top priority. Each student leader is screened and interviewed by a committee. TFC assigns student leaders to small groups of freshmen to help build meaningful bonds. The student leaders acquaint new students and their families with academic support services, educational opportunities, policies and procedures, and campus services and resources. They also lead activities that will help new students become better acquainted with one another and the institution, and serve as role models for incoming students.

Academic Achievement

TFC assists students with academic advising and the development of educational pathways compatible to their purpose in life. This is organized and accomplished in a collaborative team effort with the student, the director of TFC and the Claflin University family. An academic advisor is assigned to every student based upon his or her major. Students who have not declared a major are assigned an academic advisor with TFC, who assists them in the development of an academic plan. Students are ultimately responsible for making and keeping appointments with their advisors.

Early Warning

If students are having academic difficulty, instructors will complete an Early Warning Form and submit it to the Academic Success Center. Representatives from the Academic Success Center and TFC contact students via e-mail and telephone to set up individual counseling sessions TFC will follow up with instructors and students to discuss actions of academic improvement.