The Freshmen College

New Student Orientation

What is Freshmen Orientation?

  • A week-long orientation program is designed to introduce students to important components of collegiate life.
  • A special year-long orientation seminar focuses on the needs of first-year students.
  • Seminar instructors are key faculty, staff and administrators at Claflin University.
  • Seminars teach Claflin University’s history.
  • Seminar supplements reinforce and extend all elements of the orientation.
  • Departmental academic advisors are assigned to each student.
  • Student peer orientation leaders are assigned to each seminar section.

What happens during Orientation Week?

  • Students learn about the academic experiences from Claflin University faculty.
  • Freshmen meet other students.
  • Students become involved in social events sponsored by the Student Government Association and Claflin University.

Parent Orientation

Parents and other family members are invited to attend seminars designed to provide information, materials and contacts to ease your transition and that of our new students. You will have an opportunity to get a feel for the Claflin experience as you dine in the Claflin University Dining Center, help your son or daughter move into a residence hall, visit our bookstore, tour the campus and shop or dine in Orangeburg. 

Parting Ceremony

The traditional Parting Ceremony is an event in which parents leave their cherished ones in the capable and caring hands of the Claflin family. At this ceremony, first-year students say goodbye to family and walk through the Arch of Confidence, cementing their commitment to college excellence. 

Confirmation Ceremony

Held on Sunday, this occasion is the first time that entering students must wear The Freshmen College special dress attire. The attire should be equivalent to Sunday church attire. Young ladies are to wear a white dress with neutral or white hose, or white suit, shirt and white dress shoes. Young men are to wear navy, black or dark grey suits with a white shirt, coordinating tie and dress shoes. During this ceremony students are formally inducted into TFC of Claflin University. Parents, family members, friends and other supporters are encouraged to return to the University to share this special occasion with the newly inducted students.