Records & Registration

Request for Transcript

To request a Claflin University transcript from August 1998 to the present, click the link below: 

Request Transcript

Transcript services are provided by

If you are requesting a transcript prior to the above years, please follow these instructions:

  1. Call our Cashier’s Office at 803-535-5432 or 803-535-5602 to submit payment by credit card and obtain receipt number. Please make sure that you do not have a remaining balance with the Business Office. It will cause your request to be denied.

    $5.00 -- Official transcript mailed to a designated person or educational institution
    $5.00 -- Transcript faxed to a certain number
    $5.00 -- Student copy transcript mailed to the student or alumni

  2. Complete the Transcript Request Form. Please print and fax or mail your request form.
  3. After completing this Transcript Request Form, please make sure that fields are filled and you have sign and dated the request form. You may remit a money order or cashier check. Personal checks are not accepted.

Mail to:
Office of Records and Registration
Claflin University
Attn: Transcript
400 Magnolia Street
Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

Cashier's Office:
Phone: 803-535-5432
Fax:   803-535-5387

Please allow 72 hours for transcript request to be process except during registration and graduation, your requests may take longer.

Thank you for your consideration.