With our rich history and bright future as one of America's premier liberal arts institutions, Claflin University is uniquely positioned to launch you into excellence with the education you need to make your mark in the world. We offer 35 undergraduate degree programs and two graduate programs.

A top-tier, top-ranked University affiliated with The United Methodist Church, Claflin enrolls high achievers with the desire to be change agents and visionary leaders, and to excel in the areas of their study. We provide an enriched learning experience with the personal attention you need for academic excellence.

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Admission Policy

Academic factors are very important in gaining admission to Claflin, but are not the only factors that the Office of Admissions considers. Candidates for admission must meet our minimum admission requirements, demonstrate high academic achievement in rigorous course selections, show character and proven leadership, and subscribe to the philosophy and mission of Claflin University. Students of all races, creeds, gender and national origin are welcome.

New students are admitted in the fall, spring and summer. Applicants for undergraduate programs must apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Graduate and continuing education schools maintain their own admissions staff to meet the needs of prospective students. 


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