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April 27, 2015

Claflin Looks to Increase Awareness and Enrollment Through Partnership with Midlands Technical College

Claflin University is looking forward to welcoming students from Midlands Technical College (MTC), the result of an articulation agreement between the two institutions of higher education. Under the agreement, MTC students will be able to transfer specified courses for credit toward their degrees at Claflin.

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Scenes from
Claflin University's
PepsiCo Recycling
2014 Campus
Recycling Challenge
April 24, 2015,
in the Claflin
performances by
JoiStaRR and
Chrisette Michele.

DSC_1379McLoud Lab-Small

DSC_1379McLoud Lab-Small

by Charlene Slaughter | 30 Jun, 2014

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