Intensive English Language Program


Mission Statement

The mission of
Claflin University's
Intensive English
Language Program
is to aid students
from around the world
in obtaining their goal
of receiving an American
academic education
through the cultivation
of excellence in English
language proficiency,
intercultural communication,
and successful admission
into the American college
and university system.


with a mastery
of essential reading,
writing, listening,
and speaking skills
in the English language

American cultural
competency into the
curriculum through
classroom and off-campus
immersion activities

students' knowledge of
American classroom culture
and prepare students
for success in American
colleges and universities

IELP Curriculum

Each IELP course listed above is offered at six levels of language instruction: Low Beginner, High Beginner, Low Intermediate, High Intermediate, Low Advanced, and High Advanced; each level includes 24-28 hours of intensive coursework per week. Additional work, including a field trip, is completed outside of class. Levels 1 through 4 (low/high beginner and low/high intermediate) focus on students’ English language proficiency development, while Levels 5 and 6 (low/high advanced) focus on preparation for further academic study. Placement tests will determine which level a student starts in, and students who successfully complete one level will graduate to the next one the following semester.

Each level requires 168 clock hours to complete:

IELP Courses (Levels 1 Though 6)

1. Core Courses

Pronunciation, Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Reading, and Writing

2. Elective Courses

American Culture, English Conversation Practice, and One-on-One Tutoring

3. Number of Weeks for Completion

7 Weeks

4. Hours of Required Instruction per Week

24 Clock Hours per Week for Summer Semester

26 Clock Hours per Week for Fall and Spring Semesters

(If “English Conversation Practice” is set up as a required two-semester course.)

5. Total Number of Hours to Complete

168 Hours for Summer Semester

182 Hours for Fall and Spring Semesters

(If “English Conversation Practice” is set up as a required two-semester course.)